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From: Damen Choy

(Author of the book "A Better Job Interview - Questions and Techniques" ISBN : 1-4100-0065-6 )

  • If you don't get a job offer, do you think it's because of your qualifications or because you didn't speak well in the interview?
  • Have you ever regretted something you said wrong in the interview?
  • Are you nervous when you see the grim face of the interviewer?
  • What should you do in a job interview if you have no clue how to answer a question?
  • Why do you feel frustrated every time, rather than hopeful, after an interview with your potential recruiter?

This is Damen. I help international companies to set up offices and kick start their operations in Hong Kong and China. One of my key duties is to help them recruit the best people to manage their businesses which is why I have years of experience interviewing and screening people at all levels for my clients.

I have talked to many HR people over the years. I know what they're thinking. I know what kind of people they're looking for. So I am the best guy to show you the right way to behave in an interview. The truth is you need to prepare yourself, not only psychologically, but also intellectually.

I can't stress enough how important it is to perform well in the interview. I have come across many clients who, in the end, chose a candidate that has a less qualified background than the rest of the candidates. The selected candidate was chosen because he/she performed excellently in the interview.

Mastering interview techniques is the key to your career advancement and success!

So how to get yourself ready for job interviews?

Read my book!!
A Better Job Interview - Questions and Techniques
(ISBN : 1-4100-0065-6)

It gives you the answers to more than 100 questions distilled from nearly 1,000 questions that our clients have used in the past three years to screen the candidates. (Click this link to look at some questions in the book.)

It teaches you how to speak as if you are in your interviewer's shoes.

It empowers you with the sense of excellence and enables you to speak confidently in front of the interviewers even if you don't know how to answer all of their questions.

It shows you the little tricks you can use to beat other candidates, e.g., how you can secure your offer by arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time.

"It is all about how you should act and think in the interview. The key to your success is not only to speak eloquently, but to think intelligently as you are presenting yourself. "

The interviewers will not choose you if you fail to communicate interactively with them. Read my book and you'll know how to establish a rapport with them by using just one simple technique.

Picture what it would be like if you were no longer talking nervously, sitting in front of the interviewer. Instead, you are sitting comfortably and discussing how you can solve their problems. They are begging to know more about you. Is that fantastic?

Yes, you are here to solve their problems! Have you ever thought of the fact that an opening actually implies that an employer needs someone to solve his/her business problems? Indeed, it does.

There are million of reasons to justify a new hire. And the main reason is that they are looking for someone to solve their problems. You have to convince them that you are the right one to help them.

Read my book and you'll understand how to use this tactic in your interviews

I wrote a book called "A Better Interview - Questions and Techniques" which has become a popular request at Hundred of copies are downloaded every week. This book talks about the questions only, distilled from among nearly 1,000 questions we have asked our candidates and employers over the past three years of preparation.

Now here comes the Answer Book.

A Better Job Interview - Questions and Techniques

Merely the Questions and Answers inside this book are worth more than a hundred dollars. Read my book and you'll immediately tap into my years of experience and my unique way to win at the interview game.

This book is also available at as paperback version. Click here if you want to purchase it at The e-book version available here offers you the convenience of instant download and helps you prepare your upcoming interviews immediately.

Some Comments From my Readers

(email addresses covered up by "X" for privacy)

-- Comment #1--

Roseline Carl-Mbanefo (

I am most grateful. You are a wonderful person. ......................................... the sample copy I read it is simply wonderful.
You have opened my eyes widened my imaginations and my thoughts.And infact Damen I decided I am going to send you the advert copy of the position
I am applying for, may be you will have more specific advice for me.

-- Comment #2--

AJ, an AOL User (

I am just replying to your question. I found the abridged version very informative and helpful. I didn't get to look through everything
(time) but i will probably get the book.

-- Comment #3--

zin min (

I've read your attached gift. Tha's very kind of you. Your sample
letters are interesting and I really appreciate your gift.
I did trying out the guidelines you gave. They are very effective.

-- Comment #4--

Philip So, New Jersey, USA

The book is very well organized. I like the way you start the book by describing how employers think of candidates, and candidates employers -- seeing yourself from the other person's perspective. It helps prepare readers for the rest of the book. The book is also well organized step-by-step in the pre- and actual interview process. Very methodological, which I like.

So Damen, Do I Need More Technqiues To Go?

OK.. do you have these questions in your mind?

  • Why don't you get a response to every single application letter you've sent out?
  • Why do you still have a problem answering interview questions, no matter how many times you have practiced in front of the mirror?
  • Why do you feel frustrated every time, rather than hopeful, after an interview with your potential employer?

If you do, please read the following carefully.

"Job seekers constantly fail to get a job because they don't master the important technique in writing cover letters, building resumes and attending job interviews. "

I call this the "Job Hunting Tri-angular Skills".

The worst of all, they think that they've already mastered them because they have a good "profile" and a sound educational background.

But employers choose people not because of what they really are, but how they perform the tri-angular skills. No matter how good you think you are, you'll never be recruited if you don't master these skills.

Remember - you are as you are perceived to be

Don't worry. I'm going to tell you right now how to turn yourself around.

Grab this book: A Better Cover Letter, Resume and Job Interview (US $12.97)

A Better Cover Letter, Resume and Job Interview

There are 60 tactics in this newly published e-book. Many of them have not been revealed before.

In this book, you'll learn:

  • How to write cover letter with killer openings
  • How to structure your cover letter that guarantees you an interview opportunity
  • How to write a one-page resume that
  • guarantees results
  • How to use powerful words in your resume

These tactics guarantee you to get interviews. 

Once you've got the interviews, you'll be able to put the more powerful tactics in this book to work for you. Read this book and you can immediately use more than 40 tactics in your next job interview. They include

  • How to speak confidently and persuasively

  • How to get your interviewer to call you to update you on the interview/hiring status

  • How to let the final decision-makers know you without ever meeting you

  • How to effectively acquire insider knowledge of the potential hiring company

  • How to answer difficult interview questions, even if you don't know how to answer them

  • What to do the moment after you enter the interviewer's office and what to do before you leave their office - it can boost your interview success rate by 300%!

  • How to make use of appropriate business information to create rapport with your interviewers.

There are just too many tactics to be mentioned. They are all easy to use and straight forward. Just read the tactics the night before you go to interview and you're done.

Your job interview success rate will be boosted by 300%.

And you can take control of the interview process yourself, not the interviewers anymore 

I have just received some more comments about the book - A Better Job Interview - Questions and Techniques.

More Comments

For a rookie like me, this has by far been the best support I received, without the huge payments to career counselors or the zillions of other sites. The 100 questions and their respective answers will make one stand out from the crowd. It makes me so confident that now I am in a position to pick and choose the company I wish to work for.

Tennessee, USA


A Better Job Interview Book. I have not yet read the whole E-book, but just read your frequent comments about it. Especially on how to write potential and competitive covering letter,Resume and Curriculum Vitae. Not only this but also how to prepare for an Interview. I have found these to be very viable. I tried to send some of your comments to my best close friends all agreed that your material is good. Previously before come in contact with your Website,most of my application letter ended in a dustbin. But at least since read your articles, so far I have attended one interview, ...........................................................The book is supposed to be read by all recently graduates and all people in general who wish to improve or change their career for better future opportunities.

Shija Msikula


Last year, some friends forwarded some of Damen's articles to me. Somehow unconciously, I used some of the concepts in my job hunts. Since then I collected all of his articles and finally bought this book. I found many solid and practical suggestion in the book. I have since rewritten my CVs and cover letters and received more positive response in my job search. I now bring the book to read before EVERY interview. The book would also be useful for hiring managers as well

Vincent Chow
Hong Kong

How can you be sure that you can finally break through the barriers and start having real success in job hunting?

Read the general section of this book. It enables you to handle most of the common interview questions. The job-related section is for you to devise answering strategies for specific job functions. Complete both parts and you are now ready to tackle the toughest questions by HR People and the line managers. Read this book and you will be able to speak as if you are in the shoes of the interviewer.

Don't waste time searching for alternative information elsewhere. In fact, I'm sure you can't find such a great offer addressing all aspects of the Triangular Skills of Job Hunting in one package such as this. Your time is valuable! Get this package now to get a new job fast!!

This package can be sold for a much higher price if the books were sold separately.

In fact, they will be sold for $29.97 at official launch.

But right now, you are at a great advantage because now it is being offered to you at a special pre-launch price!!

"For a limited time, two books in one price only"

Actually, just the book, A Better Job Interview - Questions and Techniques, costs $17.97!

Isn't that crazy? Why do I offer you both books at such a low price?

The reason is I want you to try it and give me your honest feedback during this pre-launch stage.

All I am asking for in return is just one thing: Give me your valuable feedback and success stories after you have tried the package.

I may change my mind anytime that I have got enough testimonials and feedback. Therefore, before I change my mind and increase the selling price, grasp this chance to order this package here.

You'll get the two books for one price in an instant download. Get it by clicking here.

It'll just cost you the price of an ordinary dinner. Order it now and spend the next couples of hours studying this package. I'm sure you'll be excited about your job hunting success!

To help improve your career, I am now offering a bonus ebook, How to Manage Your Career. Just this ebook costs US $24. This bonus will be gone anytime. So order now!! Get it by clicking here.

I forget! There's one other thing that I can offer you today! If you order today, I will include an extra software package that will help improve your writing. You can use it to write better articles for your work. Just this software package is worth US $69.

Get all these bonuses now by ordering now!!

By the way, do you know 9 out of 10 cover letters end up in the trash bin before they have been read thoroughly by the interviewers? Is yours one of them? If you know the techniques outlined in this package, you are going to break through this screening tactic!

Get it now in an instant Download!

Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

"If for any reason you are not satisfied, email me to get a refund. No questions asked. And you get to keep the bonuses!"

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Damen LC Choy
Editor, i-TotalSearch Consulting Ltd

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